Gooitzen Zwanenburg

Gooitzen Zwanenburg





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After completing my study in physics at the university of Groningen I did my PhD research at the university in Nijmegen. This was followed by a postdoctoral research period of two years at the University of Oxford in the group of prof. Peter Hore.

Two years as a UNIX system administrator at Ernst & Young were well spent as an introduction to my further carreer at the AMC and the Computational Chemistry group at the University of Amsterdam, and now in the Biosystems Data Analysis group at the same university.

Research interests

Modeling in systems biology often involves the use of differential equations to describe the changes in state variables. However, experimental results are obtained for ever smaller scales at which the implicit assumptions for the validity of the use of differential equations may no longer hold. Agent Based Models (ABM's) may offer an alternative modeling tool for molecular scale processes at the cellular or smaller level. My current research interest is in the development of agent based models.


  • Modellen van Gezondheid en Ziekte (Models of Health and Disease)