Maryam Soleimani Dodaran

Maryam Soleimani Dodaran





I have a BSc in software engineering from Azad University in Tehran and I have obtained my Bioinformatics MSc from the university of Leicester with distinction in 2012. I joined EBI as an intern for the total of 10 months in functional genomics group. I started working in Sanger institute's COSMIC group as a bioinformatician in 2013 and then moved to GDSC group (Sanger Institute) a year later. I joined the PhD program in October 2015.


I am a member of EpiPredict project, which is a European funded consortium with the focus on epigenetic regulation of endocrine therapy resistance in breast cancer. My role in this project is to develop bioinformatics tools to integrate different datasets, determine resistance signature and create a endocrine therapy resistance knowledgebase.