Naser Davarzani

Naser Davarzani





Naser received his B.Sc. (2005) and M.Sc. (2018) in Statistics and Mathematical Statistics from two universities in Iran. In March 2012, as a PhD fellow he was hired by the Maastricht University to conduct a project for the Department of Data Science and Knowledge Engineering in partnership with the Department of Cardiology in the context of the "Biomarker Discovery in Heart Failure". From December 2015 to November 2018, he was working as a postdoctoral researcher/(Bio)statistician at the Department of Pathology, Maastricht University with two teams: Upper Gastrointestinal and Molecular Biology. Naser is currently working as a postdoctoral researcher in sensory data research. He works within a large collaborative NWO project ('Chemosense') together with partners at Wageningen University, Leiden University, DSM and Unilever.


His research interest is Survival Analysis, Bayesian Inference, Statistical inference, Machine learning, Experimental design, MCMC methods.


Recent publications by Naser can be found here.