Fusing heterogeneous data sets

Yipeng Song
September 2019

Cover thesis Yipeng Song
Validation of Systems Biology Models

Dicle Hasdemir
June 2015

Cover thesis Dicle Hasdemir

Ewoud van Velzen
November 2010

Cover thesis Ewoud van Velzen
Crossing borders between biology and data analysis

Robert van den Berg
September 2008

Cover Thesis Robert van den Berg
PAT and Beyond

Erik Skibsted
December 2005

Cover Thesis Erik Skibsted

Jeroen Jansen
September 2005

Cover Thesis Jeroen Jansen
Temperature-Robust Multivariate Calibration

Florian Wülfert
June 2004

Cover Thesis Florian WŁ
Statistical Batch Process Monitoring

Henk-Jan Ramaker & Eric van Sprang
April 2004

Cover Thesis Henk-Jan Ramaker and Eric van Sprang
Chemometric Analysis of Aged RP-HPLC Stationary Phases

Anabel Bolck
May 1996

Cover Thesis Anabel Bolck
Construction and Analysis of Mixture-Process Variables Designs as applied to Tablet Formulations

Kees Duineveld
December 1993

Cover Thesis Kees Duineveld
Chemometrical Aspects of Quality in Pharmaceutical Technology

Jan de Boer
September 1992

Cover Thesis Jan de Boer